Certificate Course on Mental Health (MOOC)
Certification by MG University Kottayam Inter University Centre for Disability Studies (IUCDS) & PCER, Mumbai

Mode: Online, https://prabalmooc.in
Registration fees: Rs.750/-
Duration: 10th October,2022 to 16th October,2022



(Relieving from Current Duties is not Required to Attend the Course)

Certificate : Hard copy

Course Directors:

Dr. P. T. Baburaj
Director, Inter University Centre for Disability Studies, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam


Dr. Reni Francis
Principal, PCER, Chembur


For details, contact:

Dr. Naseerali M. K.
Course coordinator, PrabalMOOC
Mobile: 8907162762
Whatsapp: wa.me/918907162762

Course Content:
CCMH01- Mental Health & Wellbeing
CCMH02- Mental Health &. Nutrition
CCMH03- Mental Health: Pursuit to Happiness
CCMH04- Mindfulness
CCMH05- Resilience – Coping with Stress
CCMH07- Psychology of Emotion

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